Friday, 10 February 2012

No Needle Fat Jab- to Buy or Not to Buy

k so i receive an unmarked package in the mail from Mesotherapy Alternatives. 
I rip it open and there it was on the brochure.... the BEST fat burning solution eveerrrrr!

Before i try any diet or slimming products or machine, i always do some research to see if its even healthy for me or read some reviews.  

So this is what its all about.  The No-Needle Fat-Jab.  speaks for itself!  its basically a mesotherapy fat jab fat and cellulite removal procedure, but without the needle!  using only natural stuff like soya beans and other stuff.  you rub the cream into your skin, (apparently the particles are so small that it goes into your pores) and magically the cottage cheese and fat melts away in days...  

it sounds too good to be true, so i do some search for reviews, and of course... there are no reviews on this product, making me think its a scam!! just my luck!

but what if it isn't!! 
this is the dilemma i am faced with... to order and get scammed or just screw it and don't bother???

its not too expensive to try out, so even if i do get scammed, i prob wont cry in my room for a week.  so here are the packages:

i did call the "order by phone" # last night, but i didnt buy!! After talking to my bff, we have decided we must try just in case it is real!!

i think i will invest and buy the 125 package, and me and my bff will share this. so we are both putting out $62.00. 

MAN! Am i the biggest BIGGEST sucker for this kind of stuff! might as well write "SCAM ME" on my forehead.  

make sure to come back and read me...  the results might interest you.....

if you have any comments, pls feel free to drop me a line


  1. i ordered this stuff the other day as well we will also compare results and see how it goes it your willing to.

    1. Hey Cathie,
      What were the results, girl??? We're all waiting with baited try or not to try!

  2. hey cathie!
    for sure!! let me know your results, and if this product does work, other readers can get in on this!
    keep me posted!

  3. OK,today is March 5, 2012 @ 11:18 PM PT....what were the results, girls??? We're all waiting with baited try or not to try!

  4. Okay so right now it is July 3rd and I need to know what's the deal, is it worth it or not?

  5. ok sorry i lost this web page so i couldnt respond i did use the product and i lost 18 pounds and went down 4 sizes, it actually works i was surprised by it and would recomend it to others to try for sure

    1. I am looking into this for my 19 year old son, and myself. While being a 44 year old woman, I definitely coud use some slimming and celulite removal, I'm more concerned about results for my son. Did you add any diet or exercise when you used this?

  6. hi cathie!
    really!! wow im soo happy for you!! how long did you use before you saw results?? maybe i didnt use long enough?? or i didnt eat the right foods?
    please tell me what diet and any exercise you do??
    im so excited for you, and hopefully, after i hear your response i will start again, and get the same results as you

  7. Any new results? Do you have before and after photos that you don't mind sharing? Looking into this as an alternative to lipo in the stomach area